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Join the next coffee revolution!







Come say Hi!

To the freshest cup of coffee you have ever had

From raw green coffee beans to cup in 2 minutes







Start with this little raw green coffee bean.

This is the magic bean that powers your day but you’ve probably never seen it this way. When green, this bean doesn’t stale or go bad, and stays fresh. And freshness means goodbye bitter.

We use the finest single origin green beans from thirty different countries around the globe. Coffee with complexity and sophistication that exceeds that of wine.

And guess what, we turn this bean from the plant into a cup of coffee you drink in a moment, and all in a tiny countertop space.

Impossible until now, Indispensable from now on.








We all need more magic in our lives.

So we designed this little robot that sits on a countertop.

It starts with that green coffee bean.

Green goes in. Magnificent coffee pours down.  Grinds come out.


What happens inside? We roast in a moment, grind to perfect little particles,

and master the art of extraction, to make the perfect cup of coffee.

All automatically at the touch of button.




Roasted to perfection

in a moment

Perfectly ground with

conical burrs

The ultimate cup - the freshest

coffee ever

Coffee Studio



We call it the Coffee Studio. The first of its kind. Why?

It let’s you create. Coffee is the most complex food known with 700 flavor compounds, three times more than wine. This discovery amazed us. The more we played, the more we realized. That coffee let’s you paint with flavors just like an artist’s studio – with brush, canvas, and stunning colors. The coffee sommelier app lets you fingerpaint with flavors







The day can be complicated enough.

That’s why we made the system simple. Raw green beans in a compostable capsule.

Green goes in, grinds come out in the same capsule.

Remove capsule.

Nothing to clean. No Waste.








5W copy.png
4W copy.png
6W copy.png

We all experience the world through our own senses.

Each of us unique with our own perspective.

This applies to our sense of taste as well – each of us unique with our perceptions of taste and aroma.

So we let you make your cup personal to your tastes.

And your friend to their tastes.

And we all come together to savor the beauty of coffee.


About us



Why coffee you ask? We ask the same question sometimes! 

We’re a small group of laser physicists with a love of coffee.

Somehow coffee captured us and we haven’t looked back.

We’ve spent years designing, discovering, and enjoying

the majesty of coffee.

We want to bring all that to you, and together we’ll discover

even more.







We all care about the planet that nurtures us.

In the past convenience meant waste that never went away. But we thought about it differently.

Our capsules are fully compostable and made from natural plant fibers.

That means no waste and the cycle of nature is complete.

Our name Seva comes from sanskrit and means 'to serve selflessly'. It's what we believe, and know you do too.

You do it every day without even thinking about it. For us service means to serve you our customers, to serve the farmers fairly that bring us this magical bean, and to serve the planet without creating waste. With a simple cup of coffee, we hope to inspire you to your best every day.









San Francisco, California

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