We Believe Coffee Should be Fresh

So we made a machine that makes you the freshest cup of coffee you've ever had.


but does it really taste better?

Yes. These are fresh coffee beans. They may look a little different than you're used to -- that's because they're fresh, and not yet cooked. The flavors are still naturally trapped inside the beans. We understand if you don't believe us. It sounds crazy. But real people have tried it already: 

"It's the best coffee I've ever had" -Guy1

"It's the best coffee I've ever had" -Guy1

"It's the best coffee I've ever had" -Guy1




Coffee "experts" may tell you it's not. But it's more than possible: it's real. We drink coffee from our machines every day -- and we've worked with world class roasters to create recipes that unlock previously unheard of flavor. By roasting the beans right when you want them we're able to unlock natural flavors in the coffee beans that wouldn't otherwise be possible. You can say goodbye to the empty calories from smothering your coffee with milk and sugar. This is coffee that tastes like coffee should. All in a small machine that fits on your countertop.



SO what is it? 

First we made a list of everything that a coffee machine should do. Then we created a machine that does just that.