The Freshest Cup You've Ever Had

You've had thousands of cups of coffee, but never one like this. We believe that coffee should connect people at every stage of the process: from you to the farmer who worked the earth, and to each other over a glass shared amongst friends old and new. We designed a new type of coffee machine that serves you, the farmers, and the earth, delivering the freshest possible brew of personally roasted beans.

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Our machine uses green coffee beans sourced directly from single-origin farmers, honoring their craft. The freshest and fairest source of coffee.

coffee roasting personalized

We developed a revolutionary roasting technology that unlocks the ultimate flavor, tuned exactly to your personal taste.

coffee that is good for the earth

We pioneered a new type of compostable capsule, so there is nothing to clean and no waste.



About Us


We're a team of technologists and coffee experts with a passion for coffee. This simple idea started a journey of exploring, breaking boundaries, and ultimately a whole new approach to making coffee with a revolutionary new machine. 

We believe deeply in service: 'Seva' comes from Sanskrit and means 'to serve selflessly', which we aspire to in all we do.

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